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 A very big thank you

A very big thank you to everyone for supporting this website, by purchasing, listening and playing Eric's music and above all remembering Eric for who he was, a talented, kiind and generous human being.

Candy Roche and family x

  Eric Roche's 4th anniversary

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Stefan(7), Francesca(5) and I have spent a wonderful day remembering Eric. We were lucky to have warm and sunny weather, so spent the day outside. We picniked by Eric's memorial reminising and looking at photographs. It felt a very natural and spiritual, and healthily "fun" thing to do. Later in the afternoon, we looked up Eric on Youtube... Francesca carefully copying her daddy with her version of strumming, scratching and banging her guitar. She looked good!

It's so important for me to keep Eric's memory alive, especially for our children, who were very young when Eric died. They love hearing stories of his life as a musician, teacher and friend. So if you haven't yet looked at the Guestbook, please do and enter any special memories you have of Eric whether as a friend, past pupil, musician etc. All these messages will be kept as a keepsake for our children. With my thanks.

  Festive Greetings for 2008

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited the website and to those who have supported Eric's music over the past year. Your continued support is very important in keeping Eric's music alive. Thank you.

Wishing you all happiness and peace during the festive season and love and strength throughout 2009.

Candy Roche and family x

  To mark the 3rd anniversary of Eric's passing

2008 has been a brighter and positive year for the Roche family. Stefan and Francesca now 6 and 4 are old enough to begin to appreciate their daddy's music and talents. They listen to their favourite tracks from the "Live and Inspirational" album dancing and air-guitar playing. They are developing an interest in learning to play an instrument with some simple sight reading. So slowly and surely opening up their eyes to a diverse world of music. I'm sure Eric would be extremely proud of them.

Eric, we miss you and love you more each day. You are with us in everything we do, in our laughter and tears and achievements. Bless you dear Eric.

Candy, Stefan and Francesca Roche xxx

  To mark the 2nd anniversary of Eric's passing

Eric, you will always be remembered for your positive energy and love of life. For your wonderful sense of humour, and above all for your loving and compassionate nature.

You are missed so very much, Eric, by everyone who knew you, but especially your family who think of you each day with pride, love and affection.

You are forever in our hearts.

Candy, Stefan and Francesca Roche xxx

  New Live CD Released!

We are delighted to announce the release of Erics new live CD, "Live and Inspirational". We firmly believe that this will prove to be the most popular CD in Erics repertoire. It is mixed to be listened to as a concert, which is what we feel people would most like. It was one of 2 concerts at the Electric Theatre in Guildford, the other concert was used to make Erics DVD. The set is different, and unlike the DVD the CD includes everything from the moment he went on stage to the moment he left, including all the jokes and patter. Visit the merchandise section for more details.

  Eric Roche Tablature Collection #1

We are happy to announce the publication of 8 of Erics finest compositions in TAB format. The book was jointly written by Eric and his good friend Thomas Leeb. It contains detailed transcriptions and notes for the following pieces:
The Perc-U-Lator
Eight Years
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Nothing in an Emergency
Steel Road
Visit the merchandise section for more details

  To mark the 1st Anniversary of Eric’s passing

You remain an inspiration to all! With love from your wife and children, family and friends. x

“WITH THESE HANDS” Written by Eric Roche for his children, Stefan and Francesca.

This Here, this Now is all we have and Love is All there is. Just for today, with thanks I play and share it with these hands.

Thoughts, words and deeds - the fertile seeds for everything that grows. You can create with Love or Hate and hold it with these hands.

And when I am dust and blown away please sing these words I write today. These words I know are true: “Under the Sun we are all One united with these hands ”.

Speak, see and hear with senses clear and truthful mind and heart. Then find your Self and mind your Self I offer this, and say it with: “I love you with these hands”.

  ACM Guitar School re-named in honour of Eric Roche

On Wednesday, 25 January 2006 the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, re-named its Guitar School, of which Eric Roche was head for many years, as the "ACM Eric Roche Guitar School". Eric was informed of the plans before his passing and was honoured that his teaching philosophy, curriculum and ethos would be preserved at the school for future generations of new musicians. A plaque in honour of Eric has been erected at the School.

  For Eric - compliation CD

Another way in which many of Eric's many friends have put their heads together 'For Eric' is to produce a wonderful compliation CD, simply entitled 'For Eric'.
The CD contains 20 tracks from different artists, including music from Gordon Giltrap, Martin Taylor, Jamie Humphries, Stuart Ryan, Adrain Legg, Tristan Seume, Shaun Baxter, Dave Kilminster, Lee Hodgson, Pete Callard, Andy Jones, David Mead, Neville Marten, Guthrie Govan, Jason Sidwell, & Clive Carroll.

Eric himself appears on 2 tracks "Deep Deep Down" - from his last album & also on a classical guitar duet of a JS Bach Invention - along with Phil Hilborne.

The 'For Eric' CD is now available to purchase, priced £15, with all proceeds going to Eric's family, via this website.

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